Start Your Very Own King 360 Photo Booth Business Today!​

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Start Your Very Own King 360 Photo Booth Business Today!

At King 360 Photo Booth, we don’t just sell platforms like some of our competitors; we also offer our expertise and support to help you succeed. We’re always available to answer your questions and provide assistance whenever you need it.

Creating an enjoyable experience for your guests is one of the most challenging aspects of event planning, regardless of the type of event. You want to go above and beyond to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time. That’s where King 360 Photo Booth comes in.

We provide an exciting and rewarding experience that helps push the boundaries of entertainment. Our 360 video booth is customizable to meet your needs, and we’re ready to assist you in making your event a success.

We offer shipping to the entire UK, Europe, and worldwide, so you can enjoy the benefits of our services no matter where you are.

What’s Included Within The Product Package?

Our first offering is a fully assembled 360 platform that can be tailored to your specific needs. In addition, we provide a multi-jointed telescoping camera arm that adds flexibility to each shot in an exciting way.

The King 360 Photo Booth also includes a tilting camera mount, an AC power adapter, and a power bank. We also provide a flight case to ensure safe transport and protection from any potential damage.

You’ll receive a wireless remote for full wireless control, as well as a full product warranty. All you need to do is add software to get started.

Join the 360 revolution today by speaking with one of our team members.

What's Included?

Personalised Platforms

How Does It Work?

  • To get started, simply stand on the podium.

  • Once you’re on the podium, feel free to pose and move around.

  • The 360 video camera will capture your movements in real-time.

  • Once the video is recorded, you have the option to send it via WhatsApp, SMS, or email.

  • Finally, you can share the video on your preferred social network, including Instagram.

Full Starter Package Option

The stand-alone option of the King 360 Photo Booth does not include any electronic equipment, such as a camera, an iPad, or a phone. However, we offer a complete package add-on for those who prefer a hassle-free option. This package includes all necessary electronics, software, full training, and support. Please inquire for package details.

To get started with the King 360 Photo Booth, all you need is an iPhone or GoPro camera and dedicated software, such as the TouchPix app. Optimizing and adapting everything to suit your needs is easy and hassle-free.

At King 360, we understand the importance of making an event special by providing creative and unique entertainment. Our photo booth pushes the limits and takes your guests’ experience to the next level, providing them with new and exciting ways to be entertained.

Don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself, and experience the King 360 Photo Booth. You’ll be amazed at the experience.

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