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King 360 has recently gained immense popularity worldwide, as people are eager to test them out and experience them for themselves. They have transformed the photo booth industry, taking it to new heights. King 360 is not only innovative and exciting, but it also helps everyone create and cherish unforgettable memories for years to come.

At King 360, we provide top-notch 360 booths that are not only affordable to purchase or rent but also significantly less expensive than traditional photo booths. Our products offer greater flexibility and superior quality, and they push the boundaries of entertainment to immerse your guests in a new and exciting experience.

We supply our platforms to clients across the UK and around the world, so why not contact us today to start your new business venture with King 360?

Perfect Start Up Business Or Addition To An Existing Events Business

We offer assistance to a diverse range of entrepreneurs, whether they are launching a new start-up, running a DJ business, managing a nightclub, or anything in between. Our King 360 photo booths are also a perfect fit for event planning businesses looking to enhance their events.

We are committed to providing the right solutions to meet your needs, and we are always available to offer support whenever you require it.

With affordable pricing, low profile design, and portability, our King 360 photo booths offer the ultimate return on investment, providing exceptional value without breaking the bank. That’s what makes it a worthwhile investment every time. Our company is based in the UK, but we ship our products worldwide.

Why Choose The King 360?

At King 360, we firmly believe that our product can take your events business to the next level. We have invested in the best products to bring your vision to life. With years of experience in slow-motion software and video booths, we always strive to innovate and provide incredible solutions. Our products are engineered by vetted experts and tested for years in advance to ensure your safety and well-being.

Moreover, King 360 offers comprehensive support and assistance. Our product is easy to install and break down, and we can assist you quickly online or via phone when it comes to installation and disassembly. Plus, the King 360 is a great investment that can bring in good rental income from your events. You can command a rental fee of £545 (location dependent) upwards for just a few hours of work, keeping your guests happy and entertained all the time.

So, if you want to enhance your events, give King 360 a try today. Our product is extremely convenient, fast, and affordable. We guarantee you will have an incredible experience!



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